Tourism Excellence Uganda

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Preserve natural and cultural treasures

Uganda is known for its beautiful nature, its unique flora and fauna and its cultural wealth. This makes the East African country very attractive as a tourist destination. In order to put tourism on a sustainable path that strengthens local value creation and preserves natural resources and cultural heritage, our Tourism Excellence Uganda project is focusing on sustainable tourism development. We are supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Teaming up for the future

Together with the Swiss tour operator Private Safaris, a specialist brand of DER Touristik Suisse AG, we want to set positive impulses in Uganda and create sustainable tourism offers. With the local partner Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA), a consulting enterprise for the implementation of sustainability in tourism, a local qualification network will be established. The represantives of the national associations for tour operators (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) and for hotels & accommodation (Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association) will be trained on sustainability, quality and service standards in cooperation with STTA and Private Safaris, so that they can guide their member companies towards sustainability and ultimately certification.

Logos of the project partners

Step by step

Lay the foundation

Together with the local partner STTA, the qualification needs of the tourism stakeholders are determined and a corresponding concept is developed. After a comparison of methods and tools of TourCert and STTA, consultants of the local partner will be instructed in train-the-trainer courses in order to become active themselves as trainers and to accompany tourism enterprises on their way to certification.

Qualify & empower

The newly educated trainers from STTA, in cooperation with TourCert, will then train and qualify the representatives of the national hotel associations (Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association) and tour operators (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) through further train-the-trainer courses. They will also be enabled to pass on sustainability knowledge to their members.

Pass on knowledge

Together with STTA, the representatives of the national associations will conduct training courses on sustainability and quality standards for their members and lead individual pilot companies to the TourCert Check or certification. In addition, there are special workshops on pioneering fair product development and a programme to strengthen local added value together with Private Safaris.

Networking & marketing

The participating tourism companies and the associations unite as “Excellence Destination Community Uganda” and position themselves on the market as a sustainable destination Uganda. The project enables networking within the national community and (favours) market access to Europe with the international TourCert Community, among other things through a global innovative portal solution.

Spread & report

Through lectures at events and holiday fairs, social media campaigns, workshops on communication work for employees of travel agencies and through our press work, the activities in Uganda are reported and the new sustainable tourism products are promoted in the country itself, in the TourCert Community and beyond.

Discover Uganda for yourself!

Whether you are a traveller or a tour operator, Uganda is definitely worth a trip. With the project Tourism Excellence Uganda we promote quality and sustainability standards locally and support the development of new responsible products. Are you interested in a cooperation or in further information? Please do not hesitate contacting us.

Cilia Mayer

Head of Project Management

+49 711 24839727