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Strong together

As a destination management organisation (DMO) you advertise beautiful sceneries, unspoilt nature, cultural traditions, and local characteristics to your guests. Your success is based on preserving cultural and natural treasures. At the same time, when promoting tourism you need to consider the interests of all the institutions involved, of companies and of representatives of the public sector. That’s not easy. That’s why the TourCert certification integrates these aspects as key elements.

Targeted and practical

We have designed our system so as to help you to strategically put your destination on the path to sustainability in an intensive exchange with your stakeholders. Important parameters include product and service quality, customer orientation, a sparing use of resources, accessibility, and sustainable mobility offers. A sustainable destination is a joint accomplishment that depends on all institutions and companies cooperating as partners.

This is what it’s all about…

  • Do you support the local economy in partnerships with local suppliers?
  • Which interest groups are relevant and which ones have so far been neglected?
  • How can the dialogue with stakeholder groups be improved?
  • How do your business partners rate their cooperation with you?
  • Are climate friendly means of transport being recommended for tourist travel to and from the destination?
  • Do you offer climate friendly means of transport at the destination?
  • Are the guests being informed about sustainable products and services?
  • Is the local population integrated into the development of tourism?

Good reasons…

  • Guaranteed quality through GSTC Recognized Standard
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company.
  • Together with a TourCert expert you will identify possibilities to save energy and resources – and in this way you will also save money!
  • You will systematically observe your quality parameters and will be able to use them to optimise your products and their quality.
  • On the basis of the strengths you identified, you will fine-tune your individual market position.
  • You will derive clear strategies and will then be able to benefit from competitive advantages.
  • You will ensure transparency by regularly publishing a sustainability report.
  • You will benefit from your improved image – with customers, the public, and internal stakeholders.
  • With your newly gained know-how you will increase the competence of your employees, encourage innovation, and improve the quality of communication with your customers.
  • Thanks to satisfied customers you will improve customer loyalty.
  • With your social commitment and the involvement of your employees you will improve the motivation and satisfaction of your staff.

Personal, competent & efficient

With experienced coaches, we accompany you on your way to certification. The learning concept for empowerment comprises a mixture of practical, online and classroom learning phases. In the practical phases, you introduce the elements of the system step by step in your own organization.

NEW: Our offers are now also bookable as professional digital format.

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„The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.“

Ernest Hemingway

The most important steps

That’s where the journey leads to

As a DMO you will lead the entire certification process and get partner businesses to join the process. Together with all your team members and supported by a TourCert expert, you will develop a mission statement that will serve as a starting point for the sustainability process.

Find out where you stand

Together with you, TourCert experts will assess the current situation in your destination in terms of sustainability. An online service developed by TourCert makes the evaluation process easier for you.

There’s potential!

We identify potentials and opportunities for you to position yourself and we develop approaches to implement sustainability measures. The objective is to show tangible fields of action to make your business more sustainable.

Become more transparent

We translate your performances into measurable indicators and make it possible to analyse your products and services in more detail. This will help you to ensure more transparency for your stakeholders.

Improving step by step

Continuous improvement is at the core of the TourCert system. In a programme for improvement, you will determine tangible objectives and the respective measures that will help you and your partners to continuously improve on the long and short run.

You made it!

During an audit, our auditors check to what extent the criteria are fulfilled. The final decision will be made by the TourCert Certification Council. After successful certification, the DMO gets the label and the participating service providers are labelled as partner companies of a sustainable destination.

From Baden-Württemberg into the world

In a pilot project, the Ministry of Justice and for Europe Baden-Württemberg developed the certification for destinations together with TourCert in 2014. The “Sustainable Destination” is the first award in the German-speaking world that considers the destination as a whole and takes all tourism providers on board. In the meantime, however, there are also TourCert-certified destinations beyond the German borders. The green N applies to all “sustainable destinations” in Germany, and all destinations are also awarded the TourCert label.

More information

Below you will find information on the criteria and implementation regulations for destinations as well as a price overview for the certification. For a concrete offer please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

TourCert Set of Criteria Destinations 2022
pdf, 355.2 Kb

You can find the TourCert set of criteria for destinations here.

TourCert Implementing Rules Dest 2022
pdf, 670.4 Kb

The regulations for the certification of destinations can be found here.

TourCert_Flyer Destinations_2019
pdf, 1.5 Mb

Here you will find the most important information on TourCert certification as a sustainable destination.

Do you have any questions?

It will be our pleasure to personally discuss with you the individual steps and possibilities. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Petra Knopp

Head of Certification I Sustainability Manager

+49 711 24839713

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