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The Qualification for CSR and Sustainability

You are still unfamiliar with the topics of sustainability and CSR, but you would like to deal with them? A first step towards sustainability is offered by TourCert Qualified, our fast and uncomplicated sustainability qualification.

A Qualification in the Field of Sustainability

The qualification is open to tour operators, accommodation and other tourism companies. The qualification with TourCert Qualified is valid for one year. A requirement for continuation is the regular updating of the self-check and the improvement programme. The prices for our seal of approval are graded according to company size or number of rooms in the accommodation. A PDF with our prices as well as a simple and uncomplicated registration can be found at the bottom of this page.

The TourCert Qualified logo.

Good Reasons for the TourCert Sustainability Qualification

  • Measure and determine the status quo of sustainability aspects in your company with our self-analysis checklist.
  • It creates the basis for sustainable and quality-oriented management.
  • Through your social commitment, you position yourself clearly on the growing market for sustainable tourism.
  • You identify ways to save energy and resources – and save money!
  • The TourCert qualification is a first step towards sustainability and a cost-effective option for a first sustainability qualification, especially for small companies.
  • With the know-how on sustainability acquired through self-analysis, you not only increase the competence of your employees, but also improve employee motivation.
  • The qualification is easy to implement and paves the way for subsequent certification.
  • You will be listed in a public register of the TourCert-Community and receive marketing support.
  • The logo is internationally valid and can be acquired by tourism companies worldwide.

5 steps to the TourCert qualification

Sustainability Guidelines

The convincing quality of products and services, fair working conditions, the protection of human rights as well as the responsible use of natural resources play a central role in the process. By signing a comittment you undertake to observe the sustainability guidelines in your company.

Sustainability manager

You will appoint a sustainability manager in your company. This person coordinates the processes and will be trained accordingly by TourCert, using the e-learning module ”Travel for Tomorrow Basic“. The course includes a final test and a certificate.

Check List

A simple check list will help you with the implementation and optimisation of your sustainability performance. It considers all the criteria that you have committed yourself to on the basis of the sustainability guidelines. By filling in the check list you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Measures for Improvement

From the assessment, you will be able to deduce potential for improvement and define tangible measures. A minimum of three measures for improvement will have to be submitted to TourCert.

Assessment and Certificate

After a successful desktop evaluation, TourCert will award you with a certificate. You will then be accepted as a member of the TourCert Community.

Get Active Now – Sign Up

Implement sustainability in your company and sign up for the TourCert qualification with the following form.

Please indicate the designated sustainability manager as contact person. After you finished filling our your registration please send it to the contact mentioned in the form. When your registration has been checked, we will send you further information by e-mail. Please note that all requested information is relevant for registration.

Registration and Prices

TourCert-Qualified Registration & Sustainability Commitment
pdf, 1.9 Mb

Here you will find the binding registration for the TourCert Qualified.

TourCert Check_Prices_2018
pdf, 353.9 Kb

Here you will find an overview of our prices and services for the TourCert Check.

Are there any questions left unanswered?

We will be happy to help you with your questions about the TourCert qualification. Just get in touch with us.

Petra Knopp

Head of Certification I Sustainability Manager

+49 711 24839713