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Launch of the network ‘Destinos del Futuro’ at the first Latin American and Caribbean GSTC Summit in Santa Marta, Colombia


Santa Marta, Colombia, played host to the first GSTC Sustainable Tourism Summit from May 27 to 29 2024, an event that brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and sustainability advocates from over 25 countries to collaborate on advancing sustainable tourism practices and establishing a roadmap towards 2030. The summit set a significant precedent, with Latin America and the Caribbean declaring: „We have what it takes to offer the world a different way of doing sustainable tourism. The path to this goal is through bonds of friendship, collaborative efforts, and a shared commitment to our territories.“ 

Knowledge exchange and inspiring success stories
The collaborative efforts among participants led to a significant exchange of knowledge and best practices. Through engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops, attendees gained valuable insights into innovative approaches and successful strategies for sustainable tourism. Key topics included conservation, climate change and tourism, Community tourism and the role of tourism service providers in sustainability and regeneration. 

This knowledge sharing not only enhanced the participants’ understanding but also strengthened the network of professionals dedicated to advancing sustainability in tourism across the region.  

An overview of ecologically and socially sustainable toruism in Colombia, Ecuador and Palau.

Launch of Destinos del Futuro
With a strong presence of TourCert partners from Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, we experienced moments of great enthusiasm, camaraderie, and fraternity. A significant highlight of the summit was the launch of the „Destinos del Futuro“ project. This initiative, supported by TourCert, GSTC, and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO as part of the Tourism Impact Alliance project, aims to create a resilient and regenerative network of tourist destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. The project promotes regional cooperation, experience sharing, and the development of a roadmap for sustainable tourism activities. The launch concluded with a symbolic act where participants embraced each other, signifying unity and commitment to the sustainable future of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sustainable tourism can only work if all stakeholders work together.

Moving Forward
The first GSTC Sustainable Tourism Summit in Santa Marta was a milestone event that underscored the region’s capacity and willingness to lead in sustainable tourism. The bonds formed, ideas exchanged, and commitments made during these three days will undoubtedly shape the future of tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean, demonstrating that sustainable tourism is not only possible but achievable when we work together. 

The ‚Destinos del Futuro‘ network will play a key role in this effort. We will provide continuous updates on further developments. The next Tourism Impact Alliance newsletter will outline the admission criteria and the work program of the Destinos del Futuro network.

Angela Giraldo

Partner I Head of Empowerment

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