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We protect children – United against child sex tourism


Our agreement with the initiative The Code is to strengthen the commitment of tourism businesses to the safety of children worldwide.

As an innovation and certification enterprise, we not only promote sustainable tourism with regard to the environment and resources, but also see our responsibility in the protection of people in tourist destinations. The youngest ones suffer the most from sexual exploitation in tourism – which is unfortunately still treated like a taboo. Together with the initiative The Code we work to protect children and minors from trafficking for sexual purposes, prostitution, and child pornography.

Supported by The Code („The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism“), we want to raise awareness for this important issue and formulated a joint declaration to this effect. In cooperation with the initiative, we seek to promote business practices for the protection of children in the tourism sector, raise awareness for the crime of child sex tourism, and actively increase the outreach of the Code of Conduct.

”We are glad to cooperate with TourCert in our joint strive for responsible business practices in tourism. We believe that the members of TourCert will benefit from joining The Code as part of their ethical commitment and that together we can contribute to the protection of children worldwide“.

Elise Allart, Chairwomen of The Code and Executive Director Programmes & Operations of TUI Care Foundation


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Members of our TourCert community can join The Code at special conditions and agree to take six steps which can help to protect children. The Code, in turn, supports tourism businesses by providing tools to implement tangible measures to promote child protection practices and responsible tourism.

“The tourism sector is booming in every respect, and unfortunately also the sexual exploitation of children. The agreement with The Code is aimed at facilitating the implementation of The Code criteria by TourCert certified business and to increase the outreach and awareness of child protection and the implementation of child protection measures in the tourism sector“.

Marco Giraldo, CEO of TourCert

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