Sustainable Traveller

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Responsible travel made easy!

What does sustainability actually mean? And what can I as a traveller contribute to fair tourism? Many people want to travel more environmentally friendly and responsible, but don’t know exactly how. With the e-learning “Sustainable Traveller” we provide a simple and easy to understand introduction as well as concrete tips on how everyone can become a sustainable and responsible traveller.

Valuable tips and background information

In the course “Sustainable Traveller” you will learn interesting background information about the close relationship between tourism and sustainability and why we should all travel more consciously. Whether on a trip to Latin America to the other end of the world or on a weekend trip to the Black Forest – we give you concrete tips on how to make your trip responsible and have great experiences.

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Target group

The course aims at travellers and all those interested in travelling.


Learning duration

Approximately 20 minutes

Participation fee

Free of charge





Do you also want to become a Sustainable Traveller?

Then let’s get started! We wish you lots of fun – click through the short e-learning (available in English or German) for free and receive the “Sustainable Traveller” certificate at the end.

Would you like to receive more information about sustainability?

We would be pleased to inform you regularly about our further consulting and training offers, give you insights into best practices and/or provide concrete sustainability tips.

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