Stakeholder Dialogue

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Pulling in the same direction

The tourism sector is dynamic and cross-linked all over the globe. Accordingly, tourism companies have business relations with a large number of international business partners. Destinations in Germany are also linked to a variety of partners – such as political decision makers, tourism players, and the local population.

Not losing sight of anybody

You might easily lose sight of individual players even though they might – with their interests and fields of competence – contribute significantly to your business success – or endanger it. TourCert supports you in improving the dialogue with your stakeholders, so that in your day to day business operations you and all your stakeholder groups will pull in the same direction.

And how do we proceed? To help you improve your dialogue with your stakeholders, TourCert follows a two step approach:

Stakeholder Analysis

Who are our stakeholders at all? In the first step, a stakeholder analysis is conducted, which enables you to include all groups of people who are affected by your business operations or have an influence on it.

Stakeholder Survey

Which are the issues that concern our stakeholders? What are the suggestions or points of criticism they express on our cooperation? In the following second step, the stakeholders that we have included are being interviewed in a web-based stakeholder survey.


Identification of stakeholder risks, reconciliation of internal and external issues and interests, improvement of stakeholder dialogue.


The company knows its stakeholders. The insights from the survey are translated into measures.

Your personal offer

You would like to decide for yourself which elements are important and relevant to you? It will be our pleasure to submit a tailor-made offer.

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