What managers can learn from the forest

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An Outdoor Workshop

Evolutionary management is the foundation for sustainable and forward looking business development and team building. We transfer 3.5 billion years of experience in evolution and nature to the management of organisations and companies. Processes within organisations and between organisations are seen as lively and dynamic processes that follow principles and laws which are similiar to evolutionary processes in nature.

This is what it will be about

  • Evolution and evolutionary development
  • What does evolutionary development have to do with sustainable development?
  • Strategies of evolution and natural processes
  • Evolutionary development in business and organisations
  • Ecosystems analysis
  • Evolutionary management of organisations
  • Success factors for teams

Dates and costs

The dates and costs of the seminar in English will be set individually. Please write to us if you interested.


Target group

Executives, strategic management, human resources managers


Minimum number of participants

8 persons

The trainer

Stefan Rösler, PhD, is a consultant, trainer, lecturer, moderator, and nature coach. In as early as 1994, he coined the term ”nature-based economy“ and has since been working in various positions to promote nature-friendly economic and social development. He is a graduate in forestry, landscape planning, and landscape ecology. From 1997 to 2007, he was the first full-time NABU chairman in Baden-Württemberg. In 2008, he founded his agency “oecoach”. For his services, he uses nature-based strategies and success formulas as guidance. What can we learn from the evolutionary development and complexity of ecosystems for strategic management, process optimisation, and team development in companies and organisations? In his outdoor workshops he deciphers the success formulas of nature and discusses them with regard to the specific options that exist to apply them to the every day operations of companies, organisations, and teams.


Get inspired!

Stefan Rösler opens up entirely new perspectives and insight. Of course, the workshop can also take place within your company. It will be our pleasure to advise you on how to conduct the seminar with your team. Just send us an inquiry.

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