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TourCert at ITB: Continuing on the Road to Success in 2017


There are signs of further growth in 2017: With 53 newly certified companies, TourCert started into a promising year.

ITB Berlin 2017 marked the start, with 53 new tourism enterprises from Europe and Latin America officially awarded with the TourCert label.

“ITB Berlin was a major success and the crowning achievement of our efforts last year. We are glad to have been able to welcome more guests than ever at our events and to have convinced many new players in the tourism industry of our approach“.

TourCert CEOs Marco Giraldo and Peter Zimmer


Der Machu Picchu im Nebel.

With the support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) we are able to expand the TourCert system to Latin American countries and to see further growth of our community. As many as 48 tourism businesses in Latin America are certified and another 18 tourism enterprises in Peru and Ecuador are in the process of certification. Simultaneously, the TourCert system is currently being adapted to other countries such as Colombia and Costa Rica. A strategic alliance with the Ecuadorian tourism ministry (MINTUR) and TourCert’s new membership of ARGE Lateinamerika further strengthen these activities.

„We should use the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 to roll up our sleeves and continue to work towards fair tourism with benefits for all“.

TourCert CEO Marco Giraldo


The newly certified tourism companies agree. Alfonso Tandazo, CEO of Surtrek from Ecuador, values the TourCert network which supports his company in reaching their target group and in communicating their business philosophy. To Ulrich Roth of the German tour operator Roth Reisen it is important to find reliable partners in the destinations in order to meet his customers’ demands and to be able to offer a high quality tourism product.

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