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The Q makes the difference – ServiceQualität Deutschland integrates sustainability


The TourCert Check becomes a tool of ServiceQualität Deutschland (Service Quality Germany)

The Q-Family attaches great importance to service. From greeting customers and guests to saying farewell and everything in between, service is a top priority for the Q-family. Service Quality Germany (SQD) e.V. is a nationwide quality initiative with 16 member organisations that want to jointly develop the service quality of the tourism service chain.

With its certification system, Service Quality Germany addresses small and medium-sized enterprises, one of the main focuses being the hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism. Since 2001, the organisation has supported companies in improving their service quality. A practical system for the everyday business life highlights each contact point with the customers and suggests improvements.

Service Quality Germany integrates sustainability

To implement this, SQD has developed a system that is awarded in three stages. In the first step, similar to the development to a sustainability manager at TourCert, an employee of the company participates in the training to become a Q-Coach. He or she then uses an online tool to introduce various analysis methods to the company. The application is intended to initiate improvement processes in the company.

An essential component of the system are the tools. These include, for example, checklists for complaint management, customer communication or employee retention. With the implementation of three tools (service chain and two further freely selected tools), the company can be certified according to Service Quality Germany Stage I. As part of this, the company undertakes to carry out annual improvement measures in the company. For the certification according to Service Quality Germany Level II, SQD also carries out a mystery check in the company. For certification according to level III, an audit carried out by SQD is carried out in addition to the mystery check.

The TourCert Check becomes part of the Q toolbox.

In addition to service quality, sustainability is now also being added. The TourCert Check becomes part of the Q toolbox. From now on, companies can also qualify with their sustainability performance for certification or recertification of SQD. As this is also online based, the systems can be easily connected. The TourCert Check is especially distinguished by its simple and fast implementation. With a checklist for self-analysis, the status quo of sustainability aspects in the company can easily be determined and possibilities for saving energy and resources shown. The TourCert Check offers a basis for sustainable and quality-oriented management.

Marco Giraldo, Sven Wolf und Dr. Peter Zimmer
TourCert CEO Marco Giraldo (l.) and Dr. Peter Zimmer (r.) with Sven Wolf, Federal Representative of Service Quality Germany (m.)

„We are pleased that the cooperation with TourCert enabled us to integrate the TourCert-Check as a Q-tool. There are no further costs. The company thus receives an award with Service Quality Germany and a certificate from TourCert.“

Sven Wolf, Federal Representative of Service Quality Germany.


All in all, a well-rounded concept: Service and sustainability “Made in Germany”.


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